Wedding Cake Contract

Options and Pricing for Tiered Cakes


  • Extra decoration fees my be applied depending on elaboration of design or tools and special product required to create design.
  • Tiered cakes are available in white, chocolate, or marble cake. Gourmets are not available in tiered cakes due to their delicacy and refrigeration requirements.
  • Tiered cakes are available round and square cakes.
  • Tiered cakes may be stacked or pillared (or a combination of both) at no extra charge.
  • Each tier may be a different flavor at no extra charge.
  • Strawberry, Lemon, or Raspberry jams may be added to the center of tiered cakes for an additional $0.50 per serving.
  • All tiered cakes come iced in vanilla buttercream or chocolate buttercream. Our vanilla butter cream may be tinted a different color for an additional $.025 per serving.
  • Yummy's does not offer cakes covered in fondant or fake tiered cakes.
  • A delivery and set up fee is applied to each wedding order and based on the city of the reception location. Delivery times will be scheduled according to availability and other deliveries previously booked on that day. Deliveries made on Sundays and certain holidays will have an additional fee.
  • Tiered cakes may be picked up if the party has signed Yummy's Pick Up Waiver.
  • A plate fee is applied for each tiered cake for the plates and pillars that support the cake and are not required to be returned to Yummy's. Plate fees as follows:

single tiered cake $5.00 2 tiered cake $10.00 3 tiered cake $15.00 4 tiered cake $20.00 5 tiered $25.00 A box to save the top tier is available for $5.00


Tiered Cake Serving Amounts

Round Tiers:
  • 6"    14 servings
  • 8"    25 servings
  • 10"  39 servings
  • 12"  56 servings
  • 14"  77 servings
Square Tiers:
  • 6"    18 servings
  • 8"    32 servings
  • 10"  50 servings
  • 12"  72 servings
  • 14"  98 servings
Servings are based on two layered cakes.

Decoration of Wedding Cakes

    • It is understood that any items brought into Yummy's Gourmet Cakes to be added on a butter cream cake for decoration is to be used at the bakery's discretion.
    • It is understood that any ribbon added to the cake will darken in color due to the butter content in the icing. Satin ribbon with no wire works best on wedding cakes. Ribbon that is added to a tiered cake will be provided by the couple unless the bakery agrees to supply ribbon.
    • Detail work out of frosting on the cake may not be possible in certain colors due to the risk of bleeding from high humidity in late spring to early fall.
    • Any items used to add decoration to the cake such as cake toppers or other figurines will be added at the reception site. If once at the site the cake topper or figurines do not seem stable enough tot leave on the cake, Yummy's Gourmet Cakes reserves the right to leave them off the cake in order to insure the structure and stability of the cake. In the event an outside party damages the cake after Yummy's employees have left the reception site, Yummy's will return to fix any damage for a fee that will be assessed according to the damage made.
    • Yummy's Gourmet Cakes is not responsible for any items added to the cake after delivery or any damage done to the cake once it is delivered and set up.
    • If fresh flowers are to go on the cake, it is the responsibility of the florist to apply the flowers. Yummy's Gourmet Cakes will apply flowers only if time allows. It is the bride and groom's responsibility to check with their florist to see which flowers can and cannot touch icing or cake that individuals will consume.
    • It is ultimately understood that Yummy's Gourmet Cakes knows what their product can uphold as far as decoration and will do as much as in their power to create the envisioned cake. 

Please see our cake menu for sheet cake sizes and flavors

Our Strawberry, Raspberry, or Lemon jam may be added to the butter cream sheet cakes for the following fees.
  • 8" round         $2.00
  • small sheet    $4.00
  • large sheet     $6.00
  • XL sheet         $8.00

Booking and Payment for Yummy's Wedding Cakes

  • A nonrefundable $100.00 deposit is required to hold a date for a wedding order.
  • Increment payments are accepted in any amount.
  • Payment may be made in cash, check, or by credit card. (A 3% surcharge will be applied to all credit card transactions towards wedding orders.)
  • The balance of the wedding order is due in full one month prior to the wedding date. Tiered cake designs and sizes are required to be finalized one month prior to the date. Sheet makes may be added any time up to the week of the wedding and paid for as added. If sheet cakes need to be cancelled after one month prior to the date, a gift certificate will be given for the amount of the sheet cakes.

Cancellation Fees

  • Any orders cancelled prior to one month before the date will be refunded minus a $100.00 cancellation fee.
  • Any orders cancelled after one month prior to the date will result in no refund.
  • In event of a postponement of a wedding, Yummy's will honor the order for a later date if the date is available.
  • Coupons and gift certificates are not applicable towards wedding orders unless specially stated on the document as available for use on wedding orders.
  • All wedding orders are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Yummy's recommends that a couple books as soon as possible to guarantee the date.